Shyam Sadhu – The Patron of Monkeys in India

Who is Shyam Sadhu?

Krishna Kumar Mishra a.k.a Shyam Sadhu is a Human activist residing in a Raebareli, a town in Uttar Pradesh, India.Shyam Sadhu is known for his immense love with nature and animals. He is very fond of planting trees and keeping the environment clean. He is most popularly known for his love towards monkeys and feeding them regularly.Shyam Sadhu feeds monkeys on regular basis and now its a part of his daily routine. He gets donation and support from his followers from all over the world.

shyam sadhu,
Shyam Sadhu feeding Monkeys

Shyam Sadhu has been in this routine since 1997 and he got to be known worldwide from the platform of YouTube.He started filming his activities from January 2016 and uploads at least two videos daily. According to him, he wants people to follow his work and feed the animals.

Shyam Sadhu says “The best way to serve God is to serve the animals”.

He is totally against animal slaughter and believes in Humanity.He always criticises the priests and religious gurus who only take donations on the name of God and live a luxurious lifestyle.

The journey of mankind

Shyam Sadhu, jdvspace.comThe journey of mankind began from Varanasi when he was a child and fed a stray dog.After coming to his hometown Raebareli he started donation plantlets to people for planting trees and making small orchards. Plantation of tree and feeding animals with its fruits is considered more great instead of making a temple.
At the adult age, he didn’t opt to do any job or business instead his wife worked as a teacher to manage the household. He devoted all his time to the plants and animals.
The main contribution for his side is in making the Ganges the national river of India for his he made a hunger strike of 49 days(from morning to evening) and compelled the government to make the Ganges the national river.
The Ganges in India is considered as one of the most sacred rivers which originate from the Himalayas.

Be a Part of this journey-Even You can also be the part of this Journey. You can Make donations to Shyam Sadhu on his Youtube channel and Website.

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