Earn money from Google Surveys instantly

Earning Money from Google through Surveys

Google once again has come up with its exiting reward programs, which gives you online money that can be spent on the various Google products.

Currently, there are two methods to claim the rewards from Google, one for the PC users and the other for the Android platform.

Google User Research Program

For PC Windows platform we have Google User Research Program which is a browser-based Survey available on the website.

This comes up with a set of questions that are related to our experience with Google and its partner websites.

Everyone is eligible for this program, all you need is to sign up for the program from the link provided:

User Research Program

After you sign up you will be asked up for various questions with single or multi-select otions available.

Answer the questions correctly and select next for another question. After you answer all the questions you will get your reward in your Google account.

user research program

Be Specific and genuine in your answers as these questions will help Google to improve its services based on our choices.

Note: You will be given zero credits for your first survey in order to use the program.

After you complete your first survey you will get an email notification regarding the next survey available later.

Google Opinion Rewards

For Android smartphone users, Google has launched its survey program in form of a mobile application.

Google opinion Rewards can be downloaded from the link below:

Opinion Rewards

AGoogle Opinion Rewardsfter downloading you have to sign in from your Google account and you will be provided a survey. These surveys will have single or multiple select questions based on your user experience.

Answer the questions correctly and your Rewards will be credited to your Google account.

Note: You will be given zero credits for your first survey in order to use the program.

After you complete the first survey you will be notified of another survey available and you will get your rewards accordingly. From the credits earned you can buy and download paid apps from the Google Play Store.



Unlike other Survey Programs Like Swagbucks, where you get Gift vouchers or Pay Pal Money by opting for Surveys. In the Google Rewards you don’t get that instead you get credits that can be used only on the Google Stores.

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