How Abhishek Kumar managed to earn $2000 a month.

Meet Mr. Abhishek Kumar Mr. Abhishek Kumar after completing his merchant Namy course from T.S. Chanakya Institute, Navi Mumbai. Joined United Ocean Ship Management Company.¬†United Ocean Ship Management Company is a marine transport corporation which transfers Bulk goods from one country to another. In 2004, Abhishek joined¬†United Ocean Ship Management Company as a Sailor and was doing […]

Shyam Sadhu – The Patron of Monkeys in India

Who is Shyam Sadhu? Krishna Kumar Mishra a.k.a Shyam Sadhu is a Human activist residing in a Raebareli, a town in Uttar Pradesh, India.Shyam Sadhu is known for his immense love with nature and animals. He is very fond of planting trees and keeping the environment clean. He is most popularly known for his love towards monkeys […]

Earn money from Google Surveys instantly

Earning Money from Google through Surveys Google once again has come up with its exiting reward programs, which gives you online money that can be spent on the various Google products. Currently, there are two methods to claim the rewards from Google, one for the PC users and the other for the Android platform. Google User Research […]

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